IT Architect

Arbetsgivare: HCL Technologies Sweden AB
Arbetsort: Göteborg
Publiceringdatum: 2017-10-27

Primary Skill:
Managed Windows Desktop solution/Digital Workplace.
(This includes Windows, Active Directory, SCCM, GPO, etc.).

Secondary Skill:
Network technologies.

Job Mission
IS/IT architecture is the discipline from translating business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change, to deliver sustainable and maintainable Information Systems following the guidance of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) framework

To operate, IS/IT Architect needs to understand and interpret requirements, gather information, influence people, facilitate consensus building, synthesize and translate ideas and requirements into actionable roadmaps.

The IS/IT Architect should focus on the decisions behind why certain models and artefacts are produced and why a particular solution is selected for a specific need, more than the actual models and artefacts produced. To prepare these decisions, the Architect needs to balance Process & IT strategies, policies, time-to-market, operating cost, market/technology trends, opportunities for further development, competitor solution of choice and more. The Architect should also contribute to a learning organisation by coaching, giving trainings and learning from experience.

Responsibilities and Powers:
- Manage the technical quality aspects of an IT solution
- Deliver an architecture in accordance to the EA framework that:
* follow target architecture
* meet architectural principles
* comply with strategies and policies
* support process & solution roadmaps
- Create architectural description including reasons for architectural decisions and considerations
- Ensure that the designed solution supports business policies, strategy and stakeholders' concerns
- Suggest alternative solutions and point out deficiencies related to quality requirements
- Secure the right technical competence for the resources
- Contribute to the initial assessment of the feasibility of business requirements
- Identify influencing factors for the solution (e.g. communication mechanisms, process lifecycles, concurrency requirements, security)
- Explain and communicate architectural decisions to stakeholders
- Ensure a solid architecture even in heterogeneous IT Solution
- Participate in reviews of architecture concepts and solutions, for example on behalf of the project office
- Take the role as Lead Architect of projects
- Design and maintain architecture views, models and target architectures.
- Secure horizontal and vertical consistency across the layers of the enterprise architecture pyramid from a Volvo group perspective
- Support reduction of complexity in business processes, information, applications, integration and infrastructure
- Be a part of critical and/or strategic projects as well as prioritized projects and be prepared to be considered for these projects
- Lead competence networks and communities both locally and globally
- Contribute in the IT methodology area and sharing knowledge through presentations on conferences, seminars, networks, etc.
- Take the role as EA Certifier of projects
- Have strong leadership qualities, including open and frequent communications at all levels of the organization
- Collaborate effectively with other Architects to solve cross solutions problem spanning their respective areas and resolve technological disagreement with informed, rational solutions
- Provide Subject Matter Expertise on request
- Lead and foster the development of high performing technical teams
- Key contributor on products, services and/or infrastructure strategies that require complex or advanced conceptualization
- Make strategic technology choices, directly supervising the quality of designs and implementation inside and between components
- Work with improvements, by participation in the development, of the architectural principles, processes and standards
- Influence, identify and support recruitment of technical leaders into the organization to ensure the appropriate levels of quality on architecture(s)
- Perform validation and approval of Architecture artefacts
- Resolve cross-processes and cross-portfolio architectural concerns
- Secure and support the overall architectural quality
- Participate in the assessment board for Architects
- Up to date with the current IT market and business trends across platforms and/or processes
- Break down the strategic objectives to requirements on the solution portfolio and target architecture
- Good platform independence (Broad technical skills needed)
- Act as an Architect's leader
- Take the role as EA Reviewer of projects
- Lead and plan architectural changes and transformation roadmaps
- Provide strategic & architectural direction to solve customer's business

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• Active Directory, programmeringsverktyg


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