Båtbyggare, Lidingö

Arbetsgivare: Candela Speed Boat AB
Arbetsort: Lidingö
Publiceringdatum: 2018-05-08

Do you want to be part of the team building the boat of the future?

Candela Speedboat is leading the transformation to an all-electric future of boating. The second prototype - built in carbon fiber, with Li-ion batteries, a fully integrated control system and hydrofoil technology - is currently going through final testing in the waters outside Stockholm. We are currently a team of nine based in our factory in Gåshaga on Lidingö. The order book is full, and we are now getting ready for start of serial production later this year.

We're now looking to build the team who will assemble the boats in Gåshaga. You will be working hands-on with the assembly of finished boats as well as participating in prototype work. Responsibilities include:

Mounting equipment and accessories
Installation of hydraulics
Mounting and installation of electronics and drive train components
Lamination and work with composites
Sanding, painting and varnishing of boat details

Experience and relevant education within these fields is a plus, but not a requirement. More important is an inclination for practical hands-on work, an ability to learn fast and appreciation of working in a fast-moving team. Our team is multinational, and spoken English is a requirement.
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Candela Speed Boat AB
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