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Kommun: Stockholm
Publiceringdatum: 2024-05-20

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Join us at Paf, a company that stands apart in the gaming industry with its roots in humanitarian organizations like the Red Cross and Save the Children. We are dedicated to a sustainable business approach, focusing on the welfare of our employees, customers, and society. Our commitment to responsible gaming is unwavering, with all profits allocated to charitable causes.
About the Position:
We are now looking to find a Senior Java Developer with a passion for backend development to join our integrations team consisting of 15 developers working on our integration platform. Our Ideal new colleague should be able to work independently, yet also thrive in collaborative environments. Proactivity and the willingness to seek assistance when needed are key.
You`ll be part of a diverse team, ranging from junior developers to senior software architects, where openness and valuing everyone`s contributions and opinions are key to our collaborative success.
Employee Benefits:
Flexible working hours.
Comprehensive benefits including a generous pension scheme, wellness programs, and healthcare.
We prioritize your well-being over short-term goals, valuing your sustained contribution and work-life balance for lasting success and try to avoid overtime unless absolutely necessary.

Work Location:
Stockholm or Mariehamn

We offer flexible work location options to suit your preferences:
100% office-based
A hybrid arrangement, where you work from the office a few days each week
In Sweden, 100% remote after the initial 6 months

For those choosing 100% remote work, we provide funds for a home office setup, including a desk and chair, and supply necessary equipment like screens, a docking station, headset, computer, and phone. If you opt for the hybrid model, you`ll receive a similar set of equipment for both your home and office, ensuring a consistent work environment.
In Mariehamn we want you to be at the office at least 3 days per week, in Sweden we offer 100% remote arrangements. Note however, for the first 6 months, we require you to be at the office at least two days per week in Sweden as well. This initial period helps integrate you into our team and culture, ensuring a smooth transition into your role.
You can also choose to work abroad for 3 months a year. The only requirement is that you work approximately the same working hours as your colleagues.
Role Responsibilities:
Project Leadership: Take charge of leading projects from initiation to completion, ensuring successful delivery and implementation.
Full Lifecycle Engagement: Engage in all development stages of our integration platform, focusing on stability, maintainability, and adaptability to rapidly incorporate new features, rules and requirements. Emphasis on low code debt and clear, understandable code is essential.
Architectural Influence: Use your Java expertise to contribute to architectural decisions, with an understanding of their long-term impact on the project.
Mentorship: Offer guidance and mentorship to more junior team members, fostering their growth and development within the team.

We are looking for someone who:
is an experienced Java Developer: At least 5 years of experience in Java development.
has modern Java and Spring Boot Proficiency: Experience with modern Java frameworks, especially Spring Boot, is essential for our projects.
has Kafka and PostgreSQL Experience: Experience with Kafka for messaging and PostgreSQL for database management, as these are integral to our systems.
Possesses Cloud Platform Expertise: Whether it`s AWS or another cloud service, your familiarity with cloud platforms will greatly contribute to our cloud-based projects.

Additional skills that will make us even more interested:
High-Volume Transaction Systems Experience: A background in managing systems with intense transactional demands is highly valued.
Leadership for Large Projects: Successfully led and delivered large-scale projects from start to finish.
Mentorship Abilities: Experience in coaching more junior team members, fostering their development with clear guidance and constructive feedback in a supportive environment.

We focus on personal experiences and knowledge in software development, instead of only formal education and diplomas.
We Value:
Practical experience in software development.
Excellent communication skills.
A track record of effective teamwork.
Independence and accountability.

Application Process
Includes a programming test.
We welcome showcasing previous projects, either from your professional or personal portfolio.
Start Date: As soon as possible, subject to notice period requirements.
Type of Employment: Full-time, with flexible working hours.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden or Mariehamn, Åland Islands

Note: We are actively reviewing applications and may close the position early if a suitable candidate is found.Please send your application via application form, due to GDPR compliance reasons we cannot accept applications per email.

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